Welcome to one of the best challenges out there... the "ASYLUM CHALLENGE". [ CREDIT MUST BE GIVEN: ..... A link ...

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Welcome to one of the best challenges out there... the "ASYLUM CHALLENGE".

[CREDIT MUST BE GIVEN: ..... A link directly to this challenge ( which should begin with: ) must be displayed on any page you post this. (since I have reformated, tweaked, added Difficulty Levels to this challenge, + changed/added the point system, etc., thereby creating this new version of the Challenge).]


You have been committed to a run down mental health facility against your will. In order to prove that you are fit to rejoin society and earn your freedom, you must achieve the goal your psychiatrist has set for you – COMPLETE 2 SKILLS while living in house full of 7 other crazy Sims that you aren't allowed to to control or help in any way.

You need to achieve your goal as quickly as possible; complete your skills while staying happy and keeping the other 7 asylum inmates alive. Add to that budget cutbacks leading to a lack of decent furniture and limited supplies, and your task gets harder.

Starting Out- Step 1 (Creating The Sim You'll Be Playing.)

- Create your Sim in CAS.
- They must be a Young Adult.
- You may choose any traits you desire, but one trait must be insane.
- The skills you choose are up to you, but the "Handiness" trait can't be chosen.

Starting Out- Step 2 (The Other 7 Sims)

- Create 7 other Sims. They can be an Adult or Young Adult.
- All inmates must have Insane or Gloomy traits.
- Creating some opposite traits are advised to spice things up. (example: happy/evil).

INTRO (continued)

- The 8 Sims cannot be related.  
-  You can't play the other 7 Sims.
         (...You can't click on their picture, you can't play them or control them in any way. They cannot get jobs, and they cannot leave the Asylum. )

Starting Out- Step 3 (Building The Lot)

-Build the Asylum on a residential lot.
-Any design you like.
-It can be one story tall, or even multiple stories tall  
-The design doesn't matter at all,but
-However, you can NOT use money cheats to build it (ex: Motherlode, Kaching).




You ARE only allowed to have the following:

{ IMPORTANT: You should have less than $10 left after purchasing everything (figure something out (within the rules) to make this happen... it's important. }

  • Kitchen:
    Stove, fridge, sink, counters and decorations.

  • Dining Room:
    2 chairs, table and decorations

  • Bathroom:
   Toilet, sink, shower (no bath), mirror and decorations

  • Bedroom:
   2 double beds, dresser, and decorations.

  • Living Space:
   1 chair, bookcase, and decorations.  No TV


  • Lifespan must be set to "normal" (default).
  • Cheats are NOT allowed!
  • Aging must be on.
  • They must start as an Young Adult.
  • You must have the free will set to High Free Will.
  • You can NOT use money cheats to build it (ex: Motherlode, Kaching).
  • You may use the resetSim cheat if your Sim gets "stuck" in an interaction or somewhere around town
  • No Mood lamps, Mood crystals, Figurines, etc.
  • You can have as many phones as you want.
  • You must have the cheapest stove. You cannot have more than one.
  • The lot must be fully fenced in. You may have a gate for your Sim to go in and out of when necessary.
  • You can only have 1 fridge.
  • No tablets.
  • 1 "normal" Trash Can is allowed ["normal"... meaning it can't have any "extra" capabilities (mood enhancing capabilities, for example)].
  • You may have a computer, but if you do it's worth 2 skill items.
  • Only 4 skill items are allowed, besides the bookcase.
  • All items must be low grade.
  • Delete one chair for each death. If all chairs are deleted, then change the beds to the appropriate number. (I think you won't have to do this though.)
  • Maids, repair people, exterminators, etc. are NOT allowed . You will have to repair all objects that get broken, etc., etc..
  • No Pizza
  • You cannot have a baby or move anyone else into the lot even if someone else dies. If anyone dies (other patients or visitors) you must leave their tombstone on the lot and allow the ghost to roam freely. (Congrats, you now have a haunted asylum.)
  • No rearranging of furniture to reserve or use something for yourself.
  • You can not use your inventory to reserve items for yourself.
  • No reward potions
  • Gathering,
fishing, selling art work, and all other forms of making Simoleans is just fine (IS allowed), since they're for money making purposes... and the bills MUST still be paid... even in the asylum. (Scenario inquired about by Tori Bartlett on 2/12/16.)

  • You may only leave the asylum to work/ to go get a job . You may also leave to go around the neighborhood, but you may not visit other Sim homes.
  • You are allowed to have other Sims visit.
  • You can even date other Sims as long as you don't leave the lot to do so.
  • You still MUST Pay the bills!

  •  VERY IMPORTANT:  As New Expansion Packs, Updates, Etc. Are Released, These Rules May Make Less Sense Due To The Changes, Additions, Or Subtractions Made To The Game. Due To This Fact, You'll Need To Rely More And More On Common Sense To Help Guide What Should And Shouldn't Be Allowed or Not Allowed In This Challenge In Order To Keep In Line With The General Spirit Of The Challenge.




    The challenge is completed when:
    • Your Sim becomes an Adult
    • You have completed 2 Skills ( for Novice + Normal difficulty levels )


    Novice: Good furniture is allowed, may click to replace item. Finish whole challenge before becoming an Elder..

    Normal : Follow the directions above, Finish whole challenge before becoming an Adult..

    {** Advanced Levels (seen Below)!!! **}

    Specialist: Must complete 3 Skills, Finish whole challenge before becoming an Adult..

    Legendary: Must complete 4 Skills, Finish whole challenge before becoming an Adult.




    REGULAR POINTS   (For Novice + Normal)

    IMPORTANT: When finished with the challenge, and figuring out what you scored, you ARE allowed to click on the other 7 Sims (those that are still living) and look at each their stats.


    3000 - For completing the challenge before becoming an Adult
    1000 - per every skill completed
    400 - per time an inmate was happy (use "stats" to check this by clicking on your Sim).
    100 - per every Sim that is alive (not including your own Sim).
    100 - per friend any living Sim has, not including any of the 8 Sims you created in
    Step One or Step Two.
    100 - per Reward point your Sim has.
    100- every emotion other than uncomfortable your Sim has.


    400 - per time inmate dies
    400 - per time visitor dies
    300 - For every extra day you needed to complete the challenge after Adulthood began
    100 - per time inmate gets angry
    100 - per time any inmate has passed out
    100 - per time an inmate "pee self"
    100 - fire happens



    { These are for those going for the Specialist + Legendary Difficulty Levels

    These are bonus (additional points to all the above points. }



    2000 - For the 3rd skill completed
    3000 - For completing the challenge before becoming an Adult
    3000 - For completing the Specialist Difficulty Level ( and becoming a Sims 4 Specialist )

     ** Congratulations! You're now a "Sims 4 Specialist" !!!**



    2000 - For the 4th skill completed
    5000 - For completing the challenge before becoming an Adult
    5000 - For completing Legendary Difficulty Level ( and becoming a Sims 4 Legend )

     ** Congratulations! You're now a "Sims 4 Legend" !!!**


    -- BONUS FUN! / EXTRA FUN! --

    NEW!  -  More Ways To Play!
    •  Instead of achieving Skills to finish the challenge, you can set a money goal. 
    Novice:  Earn $25,000
     Normal:  Earn $50,000
    Specialist:  Earn $75,000
    Legendary:  Earn $100,000

    Source (credit): Simalot aka lotlot80
    Sims 3 Source (credit):


    [ CREDIT MUST BE GIVEN: A link directly to this challenge ( which should begin with: ) must be displayed on any page you post this. ]


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    16 Comments Section:

    1. I like to translate this challenge to polish language, but I don't know what to write in "created by". I cant find blog author name. I always put links to oryginal texts and their authors names to credits, when I translate challenges.

      1. I definitely appreciate that you want to translate this challenge.

        As for credit, you can use the following:

        Created by: RecipeSimmer

        Thank You Sincerely,

      2. Thank u! <3 Soon I put translate of this challenge to my site ^^

      3. Thanks again! Hope they like it.


    2. Anonymous11/21/2015

      I played this challenge through and I enjoyed it. It went really well for me. No one died and I finished on Specialist. The most fun was actually creating the crazy sims.

      A few things about this that bothered me:
      1. In Step One and Two you say that the sim must be an adult and that the other inmates can be adult or young adult. Later on Rules you say that they must be young adult. I assumed this meant everyone. I decided the latter was true.
      2. I wasn't sure if the decorations could be nice decorations that give a decorated moodlet (or whatever it's called in English). I tried not to buy ones like that.
      3. Reserving objects really didn't come to play. The other sims were not interested in skill objects. I have no idea if this was just me. Maybe it would have been different with a computer.
      4. I wasn't sure if I could take the bed from someone already sleeping in it. I ended up doing so. I felt a bit guilty about that.

      These things are really minor and if you don't think these need to be addressed it's fine by me. I had much fun with this anyways. The main idea worked well. I liked these rules more than the ones I've previously seen for this challenge.


      1. Thank you GloriaWarrior,

        Congratulations on finishing this challenge on Specialist and I'm definitely happy that you enjoyed it (The Asylum Challenge is considered by many to be the best).

        1. As for your Sim having to be an adult, that was my mistake (thank you sincerely for pointing that out... I'll be correcting that), and your instincts were right to follow the second one down that said "They must start as an Young Adult".

        2. As for decorations, the rules do allow you to decorate in any way you like, so long as the decorations themselves, don't directly influence Sims. Which means, no items with moodlet changing abilities. Sims should only act the way they would normally act according traits you give them at the beginning of the challenge.

        So you were right again.

        3. As for the other Sims not being interested in skill objects. It wasn't just you, it happens like that when I play too... on a PC.

        4. As for taking the bed from someone already sleeping in it, I play that way too... were right to do so again.

        I'm making the necessary corrections and clarifications to the challenge.

        Thanks again,

      2. Anonymous11/22/2015

        Thanks for answering so quickly! I'm glad if you found my comments useful. I'll definitely try the rest of your challenges too!


      3. Thank you GloriaWarrior,

        I really do appreciate that! Thank you for trying the rest of them. It really makes me feel like creating these are truly worth-while. Anyways, I've been thinking about maybe creating some more in the future. No promises though ;) .

        By the way, I definitely try to answer comments as quickly as possible, but if I take a little longer in the future, please don't be mad at me.

        I have a lot on my plate, especially with my main site .

        Take a look at it, you might just like it, it's a "5 ingredient or less version" recipe site.

        Thanks again,

    3. Hi, i'm not sure how long this has been up, but I would like to know if your allowed to gather and fish? It says for work and to walk around just not to not visit other sims. How ever there is nothing about gathering or fishing? lol I have been doing both but this is my fist challenge and I can stop if its against rules? I'm doing those both for money purposes and then of course selling art work as well.

      1. Sorry to take so long in getting back to you on this question.

        Your question is a very good one, so I did some research (even back to the previous original versions of this challenge) to come up with the best answer that still makes sense for this "Sims 4" version.

        The answer:

        Gathering, fishing, selling art work, and all other forms of making Simoleans is just fine (IS allowed), since they're for money making purposes... and bills must still be paid... even in the asylum.

        So, it's o.k. and I apologize for not mentioning this in the rules already(so I'll add it to the rules now).

        Thanks again,

      2. I'm just wanting to let you know, the blogspot link comes up as a jubmle of code for me. I don't know if it's because Chrome or what, but I can't see it.

      3. Hi Angel,

        First, I'd like to say sorry for this happening, and I think your right about something going wrong in Chrome.

        Solution 1: See what happens with this page in another browser (even on a phone, or ipad), if you can.

        Solution 2: Another thing to try, is to go to the following page and scroll down to the Asylum Challenge post (simply copy and past it into the top of your browser window, and hit Enter on your keyboard).

        Here's The Link:

        I hope one of the 2 solutions above work, but whether they do or don't, please still let me know here in the comments.

        Good Luck,

    4. Anonymous6/30/2016

      I am new to this but are we allowed a trash can?

      1. Hi,

        Don't worry, everybody's new at one time.

        As for your question, yes, 1 "normal" trash can is allowed ["normal"... meaning it can't have any "extra" capabilities (mood enhancing capabilities, for example)].

        I even added this above to the actual challenge rules. Thanks for asking!

        Good Luck,

    5. Anonymous10/02/2016

      Is the 2 double bed rule saying that I can only have 2 double beds period? No single beds?

      1. Hi,

        Unfortunately that's correct. 2 double beds makes it "challenging" for you to make Sims like eachother enough to sleep in the double beds together (else sleep on the floor... or in chairs). The good news is that 3 chairs are allowed (to start out with... although, you must delete them, per any sim that dies).

        Thanks for asking,
        good luck with the rest of the challenge


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